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The History of Baseball

Baseball has evolved into an American family tradition. The penchant for baseball has been a celebrated one passed down from generations. Our inclination for the game as kids, teenagers, and adults is an indelible encounter. The three most impressive pieces of work...

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The History of Baseball

The History of Baseball

Baseball has evolved into an American family tradition. The penchant for baseball has been a celebrated one passed down from generations. Our inclination for the game as kids, teenagers, and adults is an indelible encounter.

The three most impressive pieces of work escorted by the American culture are The Constitution, jazz music, and Baseball. This game has intertwined not only with our personal lives but also with what history has in store for us.

The popular term America’s National Pastime confers baseball a pertinent role in fashioning the nation. From inspirational movements to pride-filled exploits, Civil War to Civil Rights, culture, and economics to snowballing technology – the elixir of American history.

Baseball has been etched in the heart of Americans, as witnessed at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

The Civil War

The Civil War

The inception of baseball can be traced back to the darkest days in the US. A popular recreation among Civil War soldiers as a means of diversion back in the 1840s. These veterans carried it back home and bringing it to the mainstream gaze.

This gaze facilitated baseball as a great unifier. Though this theory has been discarded, the discovery of the sport was initially been showered on Civil War veteran Abner Doubleday.

World Wars I and II

World War I testified to 227 prominent leaguers in the military, and they comprised a myriad of Hall of Famers that included Christy Mathewson, Ty Cobb, Branch Rickey, and George Sisler.

In comparison, World War II witnessed 37 Hall of Famers and 500 primary leaguers in the military. It was during these times the game was raised to the stature of necessary morale that succoured in enhancing the unprecedented time by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

This war period also bore testament to the genesis of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

Civil Rights

Civil Rights

The 1850s observed African Americans penchant for baseball in the Southern plantations. There existed a force that abstained black players from professional leagues right from the 1800s.

However, this was revolutionised by Jackie Robinson being the cornerstone of equality in the 1960s guided by the Civil Rights struggles, and baseball was the means of unification.

This was followed by Hank Aaron. The MLB’s first all-Black line-up occurred in 1971, followed by Frank Robinson being the first African-American manager in 1974.

The Modern Days

Baseball has not only served as entertainment; at the same time, it has promised a sense of calm in the chaos. The World Series win in 2013 by Red Sox soon after the Boston Marathon bombings.

The first-ever World Series championship in 2017 by Houston Astros after the havoc created by Hurricane Harvey. Baseball recounts the story of a nation – with the robust amalgamation of baseball and American culture.


The Predecessor of Baseball and the Bygone Romanian National Sport: Oina

The Predecessor of Baseball and the Bygone Romanian National Sport: Oina

Traversing the trails of Romanian history, one thing that lingers obliterated, while illuminated by a morsel of amateur players, is the national stick and ball game oina, which is synonymous to the American baseball.

The documentation of oina began in 2014 when it was officially declared as the national sport of Romania. This was what engendered Romanian photographers Sorin Vidis and Bogdan Baghitoi, to unfurl the charisma of oina.

The year 2014 marked the renaissance of the traditional sport facilitating oina to be embraced by schools and public spaces in Romania, along with a national federation representing its ethos.


However, the pertinent issue is the dearth in sponsorship; it is the enthusiasts and players who finance it. The history can be traced back to the 14th century when oina was celebrated as the ancestor of baseball. Though concurrently, it lies in obscurity, it was ushered to the US by Romanians from Transylvania.

The game

Baseball and oina encountered in 2007 on the field when a team of US and Romanian soldiers played against the border police’s team. Oina is similar to baseball, although it lacks the popularity relished by baseball.

The game oina comprises two teams of 11 players, an attacking and a defending side, and at half time the roles are switched. The majority of oina teams in Romania have sprouted in villages, with the official website consisting of 25 official oina sports clubs in Romania surfacing the list in the National Oina Federation.

At the same time, the informal teams have been formed more sporadically. The age group consists of teenagers to people over 50; this is because oina being a highly tactical sport. Though with age, physical force deteriorates, the burgeoning of tactical experience is of utmost significance.

The compulsion of oina in schools was enkindled in 1897 under the aegis of Spiru Haret, the then Minister of Education, and in 2014 he constituted a national committee and established the first set of official rules.

It was purely a Romanian sport surfacing even in the Romanian literature. The celebrated Romanian writer I. L. Caragiale in his hometown of Ploiesti, the crowning of Prince Karl Ludwig did not actualise in 1866 simply because of the electorates penchant for being part of an oina game.


At the same time, with the inception of Communism, Romania was the abode of a plethora of state-run oina clubs that included the army, police, and so on.

The concurrent senior oina clubs comprise border police members (Tomis Constanta) or gendarmes (Straja Bucuresti). The year 2016 bore testament to Straja Bucuresti winning the national oina championship for seniors.

The marginalisation of oina dawned after the 90s, and the most pertinent factor contributing to this was the shortage of finances. The only glimmer of hope was a network of aficionados, and those who were trainers have breathed half-life through their generations.


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