Curcani commune, Calarasi county

At the initiative and with the financing of Mr. Mihai Matei, president of the Revolutionary Club from December 1989, of land from Curcani commune, as well as with the support of the City Hall and the School from the same locality, an anniversary competition took place in memory of winning the national champion title. from the locality.

50 years ago, Recolta Curcani was the first village team, and so far the only one, which … but better to see how the event was immortalized by Alexandru Rafailescu and Costel Iancu, witnesses of the events, in the book “Oina -past and present ”:

“1957 is the year of surprises, the year in which the most spectacular changes in the value hierarchy of sheep teams take place … The final of the National Championship takes place in Timisoara between October 3-6 …

The fight for the title begins with the match Dinamo Bucharest – Recolta Curcani. Held in a special nervous tension, determined by a hesitant refereeing, the match ended with a series of incidents and even eliminations of players. The match ends with a surprise result: 14-12 for Recolta Curcani.

Another game that aroused a lot of interest was between Dinamo and Stiinta (Bucharest nn). A match that proved the real sporting struggle. Both teams led in turn, then reached a tie, so that in the end the match would end with the score 14-13 for Dinamo. After this match, Recolta Curcani was on the first place, without any defeat. The game between Curcani Science-Harvest thus became the decisive game. He developed in a full sportsmanship. The state of tension, natural in a decisive match, determines that none of the teams to obtain additional points from the beating. At the break, Recolta Curcani leads 6-0.

In the second half, the students manage to equalize the score, which becomes 6-6. Although the situation seemed favorable for Science, its players fail to take advantage of it, the game ending in a draw, 6-6.

The Curcani harvest thus becomes the national champion for 1957. ”

“For so long, chronicles and rhapsodists have been worthy” Eminescu would have continued …

The year 2007 finds the commune of Curcani with a much changed face: the central park, as few cities have, with secular trees and a monumental entrance, from the center of which the orthodox church transmits a message of peace and piety, makes the locals remember with nostalgia from the period when the students of the school were responsible for its maintenance, for the benefit of both: the park looks impeccable, and the students got the feeling of fulfilled duty. Now, however, a group of frowning bullies mocked a bench and machine-gunned seed-laden sputum.