After 17 years of continuous disintegration of all the structures of the Romanian Sheep Federation, reaching almost extinction, we see how, finally, the sun rises on our street, by setting up the first county association in the country.

No, this is not a new sports game that has appeared in Romania, but the oldest and most representative! Constanta is the first county to have three sheep clubs, the minimum necessary to lay the foundations of a county association, one of which is the flag club and the current holder of the title of champion and Romanian Cup, Tomis Constanta Frontier, and the other two, Cleopatra Mamaia and Win-Gym Constanta, have newly established sheep sections.The event was marked by a small ceremony organized in the Office of the President of the National Agency for Sports, Secretary of State Octavian Belu, who wanted to send a message in support of our representative sport and personally handed the Sports Identity Certificate (CIS) to the President the new association, Mr. Nicolae Dobre.